Please listen to the audio tracks below in order. You will receive directions in the audio but if you get lost please refer to the above map.


GREEN #1 TO #2


48 O'Connor st, Chippendale

Head west towards Irving st, turn left onto Irving st, continue onto Balfour st, turn left onto Wellington st


GREEN #2 TO #3


37 Wellington st, Chippendale

Head east onto Wellington st towards Regent st,

turn left onto Regent st



GREEN #3 TO #4


77 Regent st, Chippendale

Head northeast on Regent st towards Kensington st,

turn left to stay on Regent st



GREEN #4 TO #5


36 Regent st, Chippendale 

Head northwest on Regent st towards Goold st, turn left onto Goold st



GREEN #5 TO #6


33-47 Goold st, Chippendale

Head north onto Goold st towards Regent st,

turn left onto Regent st



GREEN #6 TO #7


1 Regent st, Chippendale

Head northwest on Regent st towards Broadway,

turn left onto Broadway





1 Kensington st, Chippendale 

Head west on Broadway towards Carlton st, turn left towards Central Park ave, walk for 30m, head towards south Central Park ave, turn right onto Central Park, turn lest onto Irving st


Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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