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Our cities of the future should be epicentres of creativity, innovation, sustainability - where people will thrive. But only if we get things right. On a planet that will soon need to support up to nine billion people, our cities also consume the most resources, produce the most waste, use the most energy. Added to this, we are witnessing the troubling rise of social and economic inequality. To enable a positive future for our cities, we need to start now by collectively building the new products, services, platforms and business models to achieve this vision. This walk was created as part of the WWF Australia "Future Cities Hackathon" where WWF invited the best and the brightest to collaborate on building the solutions to enable the sustainable, smart cities of the future. We hope you enjoy it.


Created by Claire Marshall and Reece Proudfoot

Sound design by Rami Fischler and Sound Mix by  Mark Tanner

Images designed by Andrew Suzuki


A big thank you to our Brains Trust for their wisdom and imagination that formed the basis of this tour.

Frank Zeichner, Andrew Tovey, Esther Bailey, Jacqueline Melvold, Pippa Bailey , Jess Miller, Andrea Beattie, Angie Abdilla, Mel Edwards, Ben Cirulis, Monica Richter and Nigel Reading

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